Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation Gift Ideas 2023 This is the time of year when our kids, family, or friends are graduating either from high school or college.  It is time to start thinking of ideas to get for our graduate or to make for the graduate. If you already make products with silicone beads, then we have what you need. Do not get me wrong, you might want to keep a couple for yourself...


Graduation Gift Ideas 2023 Lamb Key Chain This is our White Lamb Focal Key Chain. This was made with all of the supplies available here in our store Little Miss Bead Supply. The Key Chain Bar, White Lamb Focal, and your choice of Solid Silicone Beads. We want you to have the color of Lamb you like so there are a few color choices.

Graduation Gift Ideas 2023 Cross & Praise Key Chain Bar Besides a Graduation Gift, this would be great for an Easter Gift. This kind of Key Chain Bar is not limited to a once or twice a year gift. So if you enjoy this or you have family or friends that enjoy the cross or lifting their hands in praise, then this is an easy gift idea.

Graduation Gift Ideas 2023 Here is the orderly chaos a person has with them during their time of graduation, the Yin Yang Key Chain Bar. It does not matter what age or level of graduation your family member or friend is going through. One thing that is common, is the chaos of material energy that is now being formed into lives for the future. 

Graduation Gift Ideas 2023 Wine Stopper You do not have to come out and say it, but if you just want this gift idea for yourself, then we understand! Here we have the Mocha Highland Cow Wine Stopper. Do not search anywhere else! You found a gift for you, which you deserve, and you found your graduation gift. Remember, don't stop it unless it's with a Highland Cow Wine Stopper from Little Miss Bead Supply.

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